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2019 Shiner Music Fest

Green-Dickson Park, 65 County Road 350, Shiner, TX

w/ Jarrod Birmingham, Cory Morrow, American Aquarium, & Parker McCollum


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We released our debut record straight from a CD burner at shows... If you find yourself with a copy of the album, now you know what songs you're listening to!



Track Listing

Volume 1

  1. Runaway Train
  2. My Hometown Song
  3. Spin
  4. Phone Call
  5. Oh, Mexico
  6. Ball & Chain
  7. Redneck Mama
  8. Spend The Night With You
  9. Lo Siento
  10. Friday Night In America
  11. Live Today

Volume 2

  1. Shot In The Dark
  2. Don't Have You
  3. Galveston Bay
  4. Closer To Home/ Back To Good
  5. The Fightin' Song
  6. Jamaica Freeze
  7. #3
  8. "E" Jam
  9. Waiting On You
  10. Take It Where It Goes
  11. Baby Just To Be Your Man